格温内斯姐妹会, built upon the legacy of 凯瑟琳McAuley and the values of Mercy, is like no other. 受过教育的, 启发, empowered women gain access to an incredible Gwynedd community as well as a global network of Mercy alumnae who remain active and engaged in the lives of current students and fellow alumnae. 


Kelley Malott, 1999年

Chief Operating Officer at Special Aerospace Security Services, Inc.

“一所崇尚强者的学校, 聪明的, well-rounded female students formed who I am as a person, 女商人, 妈妈。, 妻子, 和提倡."




Director of Development, Special Olympics Virginia







Board-Certified Sports Medicine Surgeon at the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute

"Gwynedd shaped me as a person and taught me to believe in myself, 接受所有的人, and that with hard work and focus you can truly make a difference."

Erica Weiler-Timmins,博士,ABPP '89

Director of Psychological Services and Training at Milton Hershey School

"The education and experience that I had at Gwynedd was the catalyst for my decision to pursue a career of service with underserved populations."


凯特·丹尼尔斯·英贝西先生. '92 

Attorney, Child Advocate and President of The Montgomery Child Advocacy Project


“I consider my Gwynedd Mercy education the greatest gift my parents could have ever given to me. 在GMAHS的时候, 我对音乐的热爱, 剧院, 网球让我进入了欢乐合唱团, 合唱团, 在音乐剧和戏剧中表演, 在网球队打球. The 仁爱修女会 and teachers instilled a 上帝之爱 and a passion for helping those in need, and I made loyal friendships during which continue to this day. To be able to send my daughters to this school and continue in the Legacy of Mercy is one of my life’s greatest gifts. 我对教育毫不怀疑, 灵感, 上帝之爱, and empowerment they receive at Gwynedd will continue for generations to come.”

Alison McGrorty-Crotts,医学博士,2004年公共卫生硕士

Board-certified Pediatrician, City of Philadelphia Department of Public Health

"凯瑟琳McAuley knew the importance of educating women and the strength they possessed to make great change in this world; I plan to make those great changes."



Chief of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the Maria Fereri Children's Hospital and Boston Children's Health Physicians in Westchester County, NY


“I have always tremendously valued my Gwynedd Mercy Academy education and felt it gave me an incredibly strong foundation to build my career. 在格温内思郡, we were taught to always strive to be our best selves and encouraged to follow our passions in the context of compassion and mercy. I am grateful to my parents for recognizing the special educational experience that GMA would provide.”



创始人 & 德拉·李制片公司首席执行官

Kathleen Roeder, MD '60 

Retired Doctor, 女校友 Association's First Emerita Member

“The Circle of Mercy is and always will be unbroken and I am proud to have been a small part of its growth over time.”


Lt. Col. 戴安娜·迪托罗,1997年美国海军陆战队副队长

Deputy Director of JIST in Stuttgart, Germany


佩吉·阿尔伯,M.S. CCC-SLP”12

Speech Language Pathologist at Reynolds Develin Speech Services


"The passion to help others was instilled in me at Gwynedd. That helped me prepare to be a speech pathologist."


鸟叔乔里·埃斯波西托.D. '88

Neuropsychologist and Partner, Clinical Neuropsychology Associates


Partner and Director of Marketing at Kane Partners, LLC.



社区规划 & Capacity Building Specialist at FEMA, Columbia Master Candidate in Urban Planning



Director of 有信誉的网投平台十大 at Drexel University

"At GMA, I gained a dedication to lifelong service."



Nicole Lovecchio, 97年


"My time at GMA empowered me to believe I could make a difference. I developed the skills I lean on heavily in my career—communication, 解决问题, 批判性思维, 创造力, 同理心等等."

woman posing for a photo blue backdrop

Allison Zaucha '10



“It was at GMA where I developed my voice, 的决心, and confidence to believe in myself and my work. 我把这归功于我结交的朋友, some of the amazing teachers I had who let me push boundaries and explore opportunities (shoutout to Mrs. Hohenstein) and the chance to see the world through travel.”



电视选角经纪人 & 电影

Anna Skoien Lall '02


"I am indebted to Gwynedd for believing in me from the moment I walked through the door, 让我找到自己的声音, and encouraging me to live out the Mercy core values."


Mackenzie Dougherty Driscoll '04

Vice President of Marketing and Communications at UNICEF USA




Psychologist at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC

"I can't imagine who I might have become without the discipline, 归属感, and community of love and acceptance that GMA athletics offered me."